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Mapping the GIS Adventure – A Note

Well, it’s been a very long time since I last wrote a post, and that’s partially due to the general difficulty I have with keeping up with things through my own personal accountability, and partially due to the fact that my senior year of undergrad was busy and difficult. However, I have graduated and am now in…graduate school, with the definite chance that I’ll be even busier. But I am also determined to keep up with this blog, with the conservative goal of a post once a month.

I also feel it’s important to note that some things have changed since my last post. The labs I was displaying in the past were from my very first interactions with GIS and cartography. While I certainly appreciate the basic skills I gained throughout that course and from those labs I struggled with, I have improved far beyond that level (if I do say so myself – I’ve taken a lot of GIS courses since). Thus, I will not be purposely continuing my posts focused on those labs. I may go back to them in the future, but I might never finish showing all the labs. And don’t worry, you really aren’t missing much 😉

The format, however, will probably remain the same. My goal remains to share the maps I make for class and in my spare time and the methods I used to make them. Sharing techniques are important and I hope to add to the blogging GIS knowledge on the internet. Hope you enjoy!