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Geography and GIS Reader: Articles Worth Reading

When it comes to feeling comfortable on a topic, I feel most comfortable with starting out my understanding of the subject with a Google search. I tend to read a lot of articles throughout the day, and while not all of them relate to GIS and Geography, many of them do and I thought it might be worth sharing in a dedicated post once a month. Just a fun roundup of 5 – 10 articles I’ve seen in the month (or in the past) with brief summaries, and obviously, links. To start us off, I’ve pulled a few articles from my Pocket archives (by the way, a great tool to “store” any articles you love reading and categorize them for easy pull up later), and tacked on a few summaries. Hope you enjoy!

On Cartography:

“Louisiana Loses Its Boot” by Brett Anderson

This was published in September 2014, but it’s as relevant as ever. A long read, but full of detailed, rich descriptions of Louisiana and an understanding of how maps, paper or otherwise, shape our understandings of a region. Read here.

On Women in Geography:

“The Forgotten History of Female Mapmakers” by Laura Bliss

Did you know that women once used to sew embroidered globes, with diameters no bigger than a few inches? Yeah, me either. Also, they were meant to be utilized – and so we learn in this article on how women were actually major contributors to cartography for years, despite never being remembered for it. Sure, the article doesn’t mention Marie Tharp, but perhaps that’s because being the first person to map the ocean floor could be considered it’s own category of major contribution. Anyway. Check out this article here.

On Software:

“QGIS Features I Long for While Using ArcGIS” by Alexandre Neto

While I personally am a fan of doing as little cartography work in ArcMap and switching over to Illustrator, I find that there are some excellent points here on QGIS  versus ArcMap. Regardless of your preferences, knowing more than one platform is key, and if you’re a user of QGIS, you might be excited to know this information. Check it out here.

On Economic Geography:

“The $5 Cereal That Provoked a London Mob” by Heather Horn

While this isn’t outwardly specified as “economic geography,” there are key elements in here that harken back to economic geography. They even quote an economic geographer, so really I’m not certain you can deny it’s geography. While not about geography itself necessarily, I include it because I feel part of the current issue in geography is the lack of understanding folks have of it. They don’t see the name applied in articles where it actually would be exactly geography. We’ll see articles get tagged as “tech” or “medicine” or “education” but nobody sees “geography” when it would be an excellent description. I would like to share more articles that I feel would be tagged geography, if only the journalists would do it.

I’ll admit this was a cartography-focused post this time around, but I promise I’ll get some nitty-gritty GIS/Geography articles next time. Happy reading!